About us

Based in Rovinj, Adria Immobilis Project d.o.o. deals with investments in the field of building construction across Istria. Our main area of activity is construction and reconstruction of residential houses and commercial properties, including hotels. We do not restrict our activities to any particular type of object, and welcome with the same enthusiasm reconstruction jobs within old Istrian towns and their immediate surroundings, as well as brand new constructions inland.

It is our goal that in each and every one of our projects, the appearance of a building fits perfectly within the Istrian ambience, respecting the local history, culture and architecture. In this way we attempt to make a small contribution towards maintaining the values and traditions of this beautiful region. It is for this reason that we use natural and local materials (stone, wood and forged iron), processed by local experts and craftsmen. In this way we also ensure that our products comply with contemporary ecological and safety requirements, particularly those set by Croatia and the European Union. Finally, in our construction work we employ the most advanced technology in the use and saving of energy, as well as in terms of infrastructure, communications and household installations in general.

While fully respecting and complying with the local laws, urban planning and regulations set by the Ministry of Culture and Preservation, we endeavor to offer the future owners, residents and guests all the comforts and luxuries of contemporary living.

Our field of activity ranges from finding locations, including both land and buildings that suit the wishes and requirements of our customers, to the final construction and fittings. Our services include architectural and interior design, full construction and reconstruction of buildings and selection of materials. Where required, we can also help provide legal and financial services and consulting.