Villetta Istriana

Villetta Istriana will be built in the most prestige street of Rovinj, which represent symbol of newer part of town Rovinj where are the most beautiful buildings located, in combination of modern and classic Istrian style. Renovating this street town of Rovinj showed the importance of that street because it is one of two possible ways to approach the town of Rovinj, and it gives the first impression to every passenger that comes into town. Green zone on both side of the street offers variety of colours in front of buildings, that are in a row from the beginning of the street to entrance in the town and old part of town. Villetta Istriana is discreetly pulled in regarding green zone and the street what offers combination of quite working ambience and pleasant living atmosphere.

On the ground floor are luxury equipped offices, ideal for any kind of sophisticated business activity, and on each floor is one comfort apartment. In basement are garages, with extra parking places in garden. Advantage is not only because of its position, but the number of only two apartments which offers maximal discretion and safety. Villetta Istriana is located 500 meters from the sea and approximately the same from the centre of town.

Construction quality is combination of modern technology, eco-materials and classic Istrian style in which are dominating typical Istrian materials like stone, wood and forged iron.

Villette Pineta

ADRIA IMMOBILIS PROJEKT DOO is offering four apartment villas, currently under construction, that are ideally located, with a view at the Brioni archipelago. Designed as multi-purpose apartments, they are made to highest construction standards and are styled in a way that fits with the characteristic Istrian ambience.

Attractively located, the apartments can be used as holiday homes. Given the shortage of tourist accommodation in the area, they can also be a source of rental income. For the locals of the nearby Pula and Fazana, it could serve as a permanent residence.

A total of twenty-one apartment units are under construction, three of the villas containing 6 units each, and one villa has 3 duplex apartments. Each unit is individually designed and can be customized according to the needs and wishes of the future owners.

Villetta Phasiana

Villetta Phasiana is situated some 20 meters from the sea-front, in the very heart of the old city of Fazana. Once part of the Venetian Republic, Fazana is today a quiet fishing village on the finest stretch of coastline of the North Adriatic, and a historical home of fishermen and artisans of amphorae as well as olive oil and wine producers. Not far from the main tourist hotspots, the charming town of Fazana is the hidden jewel of Croatia, and the reconstruction of Villetta Phasiana is one of the most successful attempts of awakening this ‘sleeping beauty’ of Istria.

The eighteen individually designed rooms with their rustic Italianate furnishings make Villetta Phasiana more than a hotel: it offers an authentic, luxurious atmosphere, discretely blending modern technology with the 16th century stone carving craftsmanship. The guests can thus experience the delightful atmosphere of a peaceful Mediterranean setting, while at the same time enjoying all the comforts of fine living.

Each room is air-conditioned, equipped with a mini-bar, personal safe, flat screen satellite TV and internet access. All rooms have Italian marble floors and Carrara marble-lined bathrooms, and most of them are on the sea side, facing the archipelago of Brioni, situated just a couple of miles away.

Villetta Garibaldi

Situated in the heart of the 16th century old town of Rovinj, one of the most charming cities in Istria, “Villetta Garibaldi” is a beautiful example of its Mediterranean architecture.It was fully renovated in 2006, in accordance with all the rules and regulations that apply to historical monuments. The Istrian tradition is immediately recognizable in the natural materials that have been used, such as stone, wood and forged iron.

We are offering Villetta Garibaldi for sale, and it can also be rented on a weekly basis. The four-star standard guarantees the comfort for a vacation in this charming city, called “the Saint Tropez of the Adriatic”. Situated only 100 meters from the sea, it is also easily reachable by car, and all the local amenities are in the immediate vicinity. It sleeps six and is fully furnished and equipped. The modern technology and utilities were built in respecting the authentic details and concept of the original 16th century attached stone-house.

Villetta Stala

Villetta “Stala” is a reconstruction of an old stone barn. The building techniques used here are absolutely authentic. It is an example of how an old stone house can be updated using modern materials and crafts that are available within the arm’s reach. A 21st-century infrastructure has been introduced and the installations are invisible. The only visible materials are stone, wood and forged iron.

It is situated in the village of Ladici, above the pre-historic, U.N. protected site: the legendary city of Dvigrad. Ladici is on a raised terrain, 300 meters above sea level, surrounded by beautiful nature. The magnificent view from the barn spans over 180 degrees, and the lights of Venice are visible on a starry night.

Although this house is not offered for sale, we are welcoming all our clients who wish to see what the human hand can do in a remote village.